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How to film a great drone video for real estate


Drone videos are now commonly used to market real estate. They vary from the incredibly mundane, to elaborate and beautifully shot films, that include music and ground footage. So how does a vendor choose a drone video supplier who can help make their property stand out from the others? What distinguishes a run-of-the-mill video from a great one?

Like any short film, property video shouldn’t be boring

Videos used for marketing real estate are no doubt the most effective way of capturing all the attributes and emotion of a property. Drone footage adds a whole world of extra options for the filmmaker, and is particularly useful for rural lifestyle properties, or those close to lakes and beaches.

But it must be watchable to the end. A boring video will deter potential vendors, not attract them.

Because drone video is still new and exciting, there is a temptation to compose most, if not all, of a property video with drone footage. The roof from this angle, the roof from that angle, up the driveway and over the roof, circle the house looking down at the roof…..you get the idea!

Lessons from TV shows

Renovation TV shows use drone footage really well. They use it sparingly! It is there and it’s really crucial, but drone footage is included only to put the star attraction in context. The aerial shots show the layout of the property, its scale and features, and show where it is in relation to things like rivers and lakes, and surrounding countryside.

Engage the audience

Just like TV and films, the audience needs to get lost in the story. In this case, it is the compelling story of your property, capturing the emotion, letting people feel how great it is to live there.
They should not be distracted by faults. Camera movement should be smooth, not jerky. Drone propellers should never appear in shot, and cars or people should move at a realistic speed, or direction for that matter.

Bad video has no value

No matter how little you pay for a property video that no-one watches, it is a complete waste of money. Check out examples of a videographer’s work to make sure your property video will attract as many buyers as possible. There are a few talented people around!

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