drones for business

Using drone aerial photography and video to enhance marketing collateral.

Including aerial images in your business's marketing material is now easier than ever. The availability of relatively low-cost aerial drone services has created so many new possibilities for businesses to stand out from the competition. Aerial drone photography or video is used by forward-thinking businesses to give their marketing the "wow factor", to be noticed, and to impress potential clients.

Many businesses in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley have engaged First Site Imaging to provide drone images to include on websites, or for corporate video production. A motel in a Hunter Valley township used aerial drone photography to show its proximity to the local business district and to showcase the size of the motel parking area.  A business that staged a large corporate function on the foreshore of Newcastle Harbour included drone footage in its event video to dramatically record the spectacular setting.

But just as rapidly as drones are evolving, so too are the uses our clients are imagining for them. We are increasingly being asked to capture aerial photographs to include in professional progress reports for environmental or construction projects. Start-up businesses look to drone video to help pitch their ideas to investors. Your imagination is the only limit!


Promotional video

An entertaining mix of aerial and ground footage creates an engaging promotional video for this business located just north of Newcastle. Used to promote the golf course and home sites to international clients, it also provided great shots for a shorter video seen on their website.

Drones are amazingly nimble, able to deliver a range of video shots that, in the past, were almost impossible to achieve. They have the capacity to provide a bird's eye view while still flying low enough to maintain a human perspective. It is an exciting potential, realised in the Pacific Dunes video, which captures both the vision of the complex's developer and the passion of the team that made it a reality.     

Aerial photos for tourism business

They say a picture tells a thousand words. An aerial drone photo can do all this and more!

This photo of a Hunter valley winery, restaurant, and cellar door captures its peaceful rural setting, its surrounding vineyards, and the beauty of the buildings.



drone photo of a winery in the Hunter Valley

Aerial drone photography for project management

Drones have the ability to take photos from high enough to include entire projects in one image, but at the same time, close enough to capture incredible detail. 

This photo is one of a series of photos taken from the same position at regular intervals during the construction of this project in Newcastle. First Site Imaging made use of its drones' advanced GPS capabilities to locate the position each time.

Images such as this are used to enhance progress reports and are seen as valuable by staff, the construction company, as well as the client.


drone photo of a building construction site in Newcastle